Thinking of Doing a Triathlon?

It’s difficult to know where to start isn’t it? 

You google search; what is a triathlon? How hard is a triathlon? How fit do you need to be to complete a triathlon? What do I need to complete a triathlon? . . . . and you wind yourself in circles with the amount of information! 

What you need is to be able to complete your first triathlon without over-spending on unnecessary kit. You also need to feel assured that you are prepared for the experience and confident you will complete it . . . hopefully with a big smile on your face! That’s exactly why ‘First Tri’ was dreamed up!

When is the last time you did something for the first time?

Race Day Kit List

A comprehensive guide to what kit you do and don’t need for your first tri.

First Triathlon

Meet The Team

Matt Turnbull

Matt is a British Triathlon High Performance Pathway Coach with over 8 years’ experience working with athletes from first time sprinters to world class Iron distance athletes. He has coached at regional club level as well as one to one with Team GB World Championship and European medal winning athletes.

In his own right he is a seasoned and successful triathlete medalling at both Sprint and Olympic National and International level as well as completing multiple Iron distance races. He was also the first British Triathlete to complete 7 consecutive Iron distance races on English soil in 2017.

He is the proud father of two young triathletes, Ben and Dylan and husband to Kelly who is an avid supporter of her triathlete family. Find out more about Matt in this article in TIRADAR.

Matt Turnbull
"I see time and time again the enjoyment an athlete gets out of our sport when they know what they are doing. Having a strong start to their triathlon journey frees their mind from worry and allows them to immerse themselves in training and racing with a smile on their face. That's why I love what I do. I get to provide the tools that make their triathlon adventure a success."
Matt Turnbull
Level 3 BTF Coach & GB Age Group Triathlete

Mike Butterworth

Mike, a qualified Physiotherapist and practicing Sports Massage Therapist is a long-standing friend of Matt who introduced him to triathlon back in 2017.

Mike has always kept active but at the age of 45, he realised the pressure of work and family had pushed his fitness down the list of priorities. He’d assisted Matt Turnbull complete an incredible triathlon challenge in 2017 and felt inspired to sign up for a triathlon of his own the following year.

Read about his non-swimmer to Ironman journey in this newspaper article. WETHERBY NEWS Mike loves the structure triathlon training gives and he also loves the social side that comes with training and competing with like-minded people.

Mike is also excited to have been selected to represent GB in Middle Distance Duathlon at the 2022 European Championships.


Powerman - Zielfotos
"I can remember doing my first triathlon in 2018 like it was yesterday. When I committed to training for it, I had no idea how it would change my life forever. For some, a triathlon is a one off challenge which is fun to do. For others, it is the catalyst for a new, exciting and healthy lifestyle. Under Matt’s guidance, I am progressing all the time and remained injury free. Now I want to help others enjoy this incredible sport as much as I have."
Mike Butterworth
Triathlete & GB Age Group Duathlete

Lindsey Jackson

Lindsey, a mum to two grown up boys, has been in the fitness industry for 30 years now – 25 of these
have been specifically teaching Pilates.

She describes the Pilates method as being like “an iron fist in a velvet glove”.

Pilates may not raise the pulse like swimming, biking or running, but the strength, mobility and control Pilates develops can help all 3 of these disciplines.

Not being particularly sporty herself at school, Lindsey has a passion for introducing women to
physical activity who have made limiting decisions about themselves, their bodies and their sporting

She is a wonderful addition to the ‘First Tri’ team and brings energy and expertise to the strength and conditioning sessions she leads.

Learn more about Lindsey at

Lindsey Jackson
Lindsey’s claim to fame is that she was the creator, producer and presenter of the world’s first video for pregnant women who wanted to do Pilates ….. ‘Lindsey Jackson’s Pilates in Pregnancy’. This was subsequently followed by other videos ‘Pilates for Mums’, ‘Pilates for Men’ and ‘Pilates Essentials.
Lindsey Jackson
Lindsey Jackson
Pilates Coach, NLP Master Practitioner
Find out more about Lindsey’s journey in this article YORK PRESS.

Training Plans

First Tri Training Plans

You may have a bike, a pair of trainers and be able to swim a length or two …. but a triathlon?!! You might be thinking “can I do it?”

The answer is yes you can do it, and with our help, you can have fun and do it safely too. Avoid the pitfalls of going it alone and the stress of the ‘first tri unknowns’. 

For training plans, tips and coaching click the red button.