Triathlon Training Plans

Working towards your first triathlon in a logical, progressive and safe way is really important to get to the start line in shape and un-injured. It would be wonderful if everyone could have their own local BTF coach to help them on this journey. This however may be neither possible financially or even necessary.

Our tried and tested training plan that is modified to your requirements is therefore a great alternative. That is what First Tri provides.

Many athletes will have experience in one or two of the three disciplines. Rarely will someone feel confident in all 3, so we have devised plans that will prepare your basic fitness in all 3 disciplines and allow you to stretch yourself with ‘bonus’ sessions if you have a good grounding in a particular discipline already. The plans are based around a 12 week build up to your first triathlon, but again, we will make suggestions about which weeks in the plan to duplicate if you have longer than 12 weeks to prepare.

We provide plans suitable for the Go Tri and Super Sprint distances as well as the Sprint distance. I addition, we offer different plans with variations for males and females. Although the adjustments to plans are subtle, they are important and take into account the requirements of the adult female in relation to physiology. For those looking to do an Olympic distance triathlon or longer as their first triathlon, we would recommend having a bespoke plan. Please contact Matt by email through his home page email link if you require this service. 

We have three packages offering differing levels of support:

Training Plans

Bronze Package

The Bronze package is only £30 and is for the supply of your basic 12-week plan based on your event distance and your gender.

Silver Package

The Silver package is only £40. In addition to your training plan, you get access to video tutorials on race day prep for swim, bike, run, transition set up, transitions, fuelling strategies and a growing number of bonus videos. The videos compress years of experience into hacks you can easily apply.

Gold Package

The Gold package is only £50. You get the training plan and access to video tutorials as you do in the Silver package. In addition, you also have access to a Q+A members group to get queries answered on anything tri related. Whatever your question, worry or concern, we are here to help!

Select & Buy Your Plan:

While every effort has been taken to make the exercises in the training plans safe, effective and fun, it is essential before you start any new form of exercise to seek advice and get permission from your medical practitioner. By clicking the ‘Training Plans’ button above, you are accepting that the creators, distributors and advisors of these training plans do not accept any responsibility for any injury or accident suffered as a result of the training plans or any of the supporting literature and video content. It is especially important to seek medical advice if you are pregnant, think you might be pregnant or have recently been pregnant. You should also seek medical advice if you subsequently develop any new symptoms during the training program that you are concerned about.